When an individual chooses not to vaccinate, or vaccinations are contraindicated on medical grounds, homeoprophylaxis (HP), used worldwide to educate the immune system towards targeted infectious disease, has an impressive track record as a safe and effective means of infectious disease prevention.

Clients who choose HP for themselves or their families will receive instruction on how to administer remedies targeted toward specific diseases. The program is easy to follow and is done from your own home. As the supervising homeopath, I will oversee the process for the duration of the HP program.

For more information on homeoprophylaxis, please visit, FHCi. To read up on research regarding the use of homeopathic medicines in infectious disease, please see here.

Homeopathy has a rich history in treating and preventing tropical diseases. Depending on where you are traveling, when you are traveling, your current health status, the length of time you will be gone, and the amount of time you have before you are to travel, it is possible to use homeopathic remedies for disease prevention.

I will customize a program for you that targets your individual travel itinerary. It should be started well before your departure, so it’s best to contact me a couple of months in advance of your travel.